YYC Burger Battle: Calagary's Newest Food Fest For the love of YYC Burgers - An epic battle for Burger Supremecy. Best Burgers battle for Burger Supremacy Friday September 6th to Sunday September 15th Proudly supporting Local Charity for 2019.

It's heating up. Dare you try all of these?

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Citizen Brewing Company

$12 @ Citizen Brewing Company

Dragon's Lair Burger Co.

$15 @ Dragon's Lair Burger Co.

Lina's Italian Market

$9.99 @ Lina's Italian Market

Booker's BBQ and Crab Shack

$16.95 @ Booker's BBQ and Crab Shack


$15 @ Austin's

Berwick Public House

$16.99 @ Berwick Public House

4th Spot Kitchen & Bar

$15.99 @ 4th Spot Kitchen & Bar

Blanco Cantina

$19 @ Blanco Cantina

YYC Burger Battle

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