YYC Burger Battle: Calagary's Newest Food Fest For the love of YYC Burgers - An epic battle for Burger Supremecy. Best Burgers battle for Burger Supremacy Friday September 6th to Sunday September 15th Proudly supporting Local Charity for 2019.

Booker's Smoked Pork Burger with Bacon Apple Jam, Aged Gouda, Cole Slaw, Cajun Mayo on a Brioche Bun 100% ground pork patty is applewood smoked at Bookers then served on a butter toasted brioche bun and garnished with a sweet bacon apple jam, melted aged gouda, creamy cole slaw & house made cajun mayo

Upon a layer of sweet corn relish are two, 1/4 lb, 100% Lean Ground Alberta Beef Patties each topped with our famous made in-store, Jalapeno pimento cheddar with three pieces of delicious weaved paprika bacon sandwiched between (our railroad track) Upon this foundation is a tunnel of juicy and crispy onion rings that is filled with boulders of cubed, sauteed mushrooms seasoned with sriracha for a mild touch of heat, crowned with our own snowy topping, a creamy yet bold, mustard-mayo. Topped with a gherkin pickle and our own tasty beef jerky. Bacon and beef patties can be replaced with two of our veggie patties for a vegetarian version. Come hungry!

Minneapolis Juicy Lucy-1/2 pound chuck burger, merican cheese stuffed and topped, House Cured back bacon, LTO, fig aioli, Portuguese bun.

Our Senor Tocino burger is a tribute to Spanish and Filipino cuisine. The patty is a blend of richly seasoned pork back bacon and ground beef and is served on a black-sesame kaiser with garlic-jalapeno aioli, cheddar, swiss, crispy bacon (yes, more bacon!) lettuce, tomato, and onion. We will be serving the Senor with a generous side of sweet potato fries and pickled green papaya. Ole!

The batch 1 burger is a simple burger with a twist. We blend 50% beef with 50% pork for the patties, candy bacon, sriracha mayo topped with a burger slaw and monetary jack cheese nestled in a fresh made brioche bun.

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